Civil Life / Think-Tank - Radio Broadcasts

            The Independent Communication Society of Harmónium has been regularly offering its broadcast since 2011. The channel introduces all topics that would affect non-profit organizations, as well as voluntary track records.

            In our broadcasts we tell the audience how it is possible to make an organization work with voluntary workers, what makes a campaign good and why some campaign are unsuccessful. We try our best to show and to give directions among tender creators and tenders, themselves. Naturally, helpers, civil organizations, good practices and decision-makers also appear on the show.

            During our broadcasts we show briefly the different actualities, events and programmes. From time to time we talk about one piece of a certain problem in a people-oriented way making sure that it is understandable for everyone.

Our reports can be found both in sound and in writing (but only in Hungarian) here.

Tudástár - Think-Tank: We won funds from the Institution of National Research and Technology for the creation of Think-tank, a radio broadcast series.

The aim of the series was to better the societal conditions of technological innovation and research and development. This series was broadcast altogether 35 times between September 2009 and May 2010. The reports can be heard on the link below.